Stalwart II fence and barrier outside of a preschool playground
Stalwart II for Daycares & Playgrounds

An Innovative Solution to Protect Our Future

A parent accidentally puts the car in drive instead of reverse or a driver loses control of their vehicle. These are two headlines that often appear on the evening news, but common accidents don't have to result in tragedy. Our mission is to protect what matters most, starting with our children.

The Stalwart II fence and barrier system will effectively stop a vehicle from crashing into daycare grounds. The light ornamental design of the pickets add a decorative touch to the exterior building while the rails hold the passive cable barrier system. 

We start with the Montage Plus fence panels in the Pool, Pet, Play variation which features a 3" picket airspace and a flush top and bottom rail. This configuration is safer for little hands and feet than the traditional picket spacing and rail. 

Next we integrate additional rails and bollard posts to house the anti-ram cables. The cable barrier system has a certified rating of ASTM PU30. It is engineered to provide impact protection from a 5000 lb. vehicle traveling at 30 MPH.

These features make Stalwart II the preferred choice among daycare owners. Our fence systems can be seen at Goddard School, Children's Learning Adventure and Primrose Schools.

Additional product information can be found here.