Sustainable Materials & Green Manufacturing

Ameristar Fence Products has long been leading the industry in manufacturing that demonstrates our commitment to the environment. All Ameristar fence systems adhere to these standards:

  • Produced from 100% domestic steel
  • Produced from steel containing recycled content
  • Packaging material contains a minimum of 66% recycled content
  • Coating process greatly reduces and in some cases, eliminates emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere
  • Ameristar constantly monitors air emissions, storm water runoff and waste water discharge

Ameristar has long been an active leader in environmental responsibility. From an environmentally friendly manufacturing process to our own initiated recycling programs and the use of recycled steel, As an industry leader, Ameristar continues to demonstrate its commitment by providing quality products all while reducing its environmental footprint.

Other ways Ameristar leads the industry from an environmental standpoint includes our coating processes, Permacoat and E-coat, which greatly reduce, and in some cases eliminate, emissions of harmful VOC, NO, NOX and SOX gases into the atmosphere. All corrugated packaging material contain a minimum of 66% recycled content, and all corner board material contains 100% recycled content.

Ameristar also works with vendors on options for the use of recycled material in all plastic packaging material. Currently, we use recycled plastic for our post packaging. There is constant monitoring of air emissions, storm water runoff and wastewater discharge in addition to our self-initiated recycle programs for all scrap steel, scrap aluminum, wood, card board, plastic scrap and oil products. Metal recycling includes stamp slugs and drill shavings.

This environmental focus extends from our manufacturing facility to our administrative and sales offices, as well, where now many functions are paperless, therefore reducing consumption and creation of paper waste. This includes a full-scale paper recycle program.

On the energy side, we have created programs for reduction of energy consumption in offices and manufacturing facility and are constantly investigating new ways for reducing our impact.

Ameristar has invested tens of millions of dollars in the areas of technological and process improvements. These investments allow us to move more materials through our facility while significantly reducing our energy consumption, in turn helps us reduce our carbon footprint. Ameristar will continue to make these types of investments for the future and lead the industry by example.


Conflict Minerals

Please view our policy on conflict minerals by clicking the following text link: Conflict Minerals Policy