Groundable Design

Meeting IEEE Standards

Ameristar was the first to successfully test steel powder coated fence to IEEE Grounding Standards, a critical feature for power utility substations.

Matrix and Impasse are the first coated systems designed to minimize the system impedance to comply with IEEE grounding requirements.  No additional grounding material, beyond the structure grounding lug installation, is required to create low resistance and safe fence system.  By way of fence construction the entire fence system is inherently grounded without the need for any additional work.  Grounding location at the post is for taking the fence system to site ground.

This breakthrough allows power utility companies to provide a site with the level of security and safety needed as well as providing an appealing look that will not detract from its surroundings.

Ameristar continues to develop its groundable solution options with the recent addition of WireWorks Anti-Climb. 

*Matrix Alpha is our galvanized steel system that has also been successfully tested to meet IEEE grounding requirements. However, Matrix Alpha is not premanufactured for grounding connections. This gives contractors the option to ground the system where they choose. If you would like more information, contact your local sales rep at 888-333-3422.