Matrix Double Swing Gates
Matrix Double Swing Gates
Matrix with Stalwart Anti-Ram Barrier
Matrix with Stalwart Anti-Ram Barrier
WireWorks Mesh Infill
WireWorks Mesh Infill
X-Screen Infill
X-Screen Infill
X-Span Infill
X-Span Infill
X-Span Modified
X-Span Modified

High Security Perimeter Enclosure Grid

Matrix security fence is a perimeter enclosure grid designed to expand to the level of site security required. Its framework structure allows the user to define the level of security needed by choosing a suitable mesh option that details the degree of delay and site visibility. The Matrix design is a result of multiple power utility companies seeking a design that could comply with CIP-014 physical security standards. 

Hardened Matrix Option

The Hardened Matrix option combines the Matrix mesh infill grid with Impasse pales to create a heavy duty security system with increased delay times.


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Specification Quick Look

Standard Matrix

Infill Panels:

  • X-Span Modified Mesh: .5" X #13R (.188 Strand) 
  • X-Span Mesh: 75" X #9F
  • X-Screen Louvered Mesh: 1.5" X #14 
  • WireWorks Mesh: .5" X 3" X 6ga & 8ga

Rails: 2" C-SHAPE x 11ga

I-Beam Posts: 4" x 2.75" x 11ga 

Heights: 8'-8", 10'-8", 12'-9", 15'-9" & 20'-10" 

Hardened Matrix

Infill Panels: X-Span Mesh: 75" X #9F

Rails: 2" C-SHAPE x 11ga

I-Beam Posts: 4" x 2.75" x 11ga 

Impasse Pales: 2.75"w x 14ga

  • Standard Spacing: 3.25"
  • Anti-Scale Spacing: 1.5"

Heights: 9'-9", 11'-9" & 13'-10" 

Product Options

Animal Mitigation Shield

  • Our system has been evaluated and recommended by an accredited herpetologist for mitigating intrusion of nuisance animals.

Ballistic Panels

  • Ameristar's Matrix can now be upgraded to include Ballistic Shields for an added layer of security.

Barbed Wire

  • 3 wire or 6 wire available

Tech Posts

  • Add an optional tech post for cameras and active security technology.

Additional Conduits

  • Manufactured to easily fit additional conduits for wiring if necessary. 


Black Color Sample

Grey Color Sample

*Contact Ameristar for color samples

Tested to Industry Standards

Conforms to IEEE Grounding Standards

Matrix is the first coated system designed to minimize the system impedance to comply with IEEE grounding requirements. No additional grounding material, beyond the structure grounding lug installation, is required to create a safe low resistance fence system. 

Meets ASTM F2781 Forced Entry Standards

  • Low Threat Level - PASS
  • Medium Threat Level - PASS
  • Aggressive Threat Level - PASS

Expandable to meet ASTM F2656 Crash Barrier Standard

Any of Ameristar’s eight Stalwart Anti-Ram systems can be added as an another layer in front of or behind the Matrix fence line. Another advantage when integrating Stalwart into Matrix is that the system is then recognized as a SAFETY Act certified product. Developed by the US Department of Homeland Security, the SAFETY Act certification decreases liability exposure for Ameristar and its customers should an act of terrorism occur.

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