A Beautiful & Safe Home For Your Family

Why Choose Ameristar Montage?

An ornamental fence creates a beauiful and secure home that still feels open and inviting.

What's the Best Fence For Your Dog?

For Small & Medium Sized Dogs

For most dogs, we recommend Montage: Pool, Pet, Play. This fence features a reduced 3 inch airspace between the pickets. We also recommend our flush top style called Majestic, but other styles are available if you prefer. Please note: we do not recommend this for extra small/toy sized dogs. If you have a small furry friend, please measure their head to ensure it is larger than 3 inches and therefore cannot get stuck between the pickets.

For Large Dogs and Jumping Escape Artist

If you have a large dog or even a medium sized dog that attempts to jump over fences, we recommend Montage Plus: Pool, Pet, Play in a height of 6 ft or even taller depending on your dog's jumping talent. Montage Plus is stronger than Montage, which means it can better withstand larger dogs who may jump on the fence. We also recommend the flush bottom and flat top style (called Majestic) for added safety and peace of mind if your large dog does attempt to make an escape.

For Extra Small/Toy Breed Dogs

Extra small dogs present a challenge if you want an ornamental fence. Luckily our Echelon Plus: Puppy Panel is a great solution for toy breeds. The bottom half of the fence features an extra small picket spacing of 1.625 inches. We also recommend the Majestic style (shown above) which features a flush top rail, but other styles are available to suite your preference.

This style is also recommended for dog parks, boarding/kennel facilities and breeders, as the reduced spacing is safe for all size dogs including puppies. 


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