News & Updates

8/11/20 – Exodus Gate Instructions

All instructions needed for Exodus gates (gate installation instructions, manufacturer hardware instructions and miscellaneous components such as adjustments tools) are packaged in a plastic sleeve. This packet is attached to the infill panel before shipping.  

8/5/20 - IBC Compliant Options

The following product lines are now available in IBC Compliant configurations: Aegis Plus, Aegis II, Montage Plus/Commercial, Montage Industrial/II, Echelon Plus, Echelon II and WireWorks Anti-Climb. Contact your regional sales team for more info!

 7/13/20 – Montage 2” Post Packaging

Montage 2” posts are now bundled together without post caps and palletized for shipping. Post caps will be shipped in a separate box. This process change will speed up product delivery with no additional product damage.

6/30/20 - New and Improved WireWorks Anti Climb

Our team made improvements to WireWorks Anti-Climb to provide a better product and cost savings to you while expanding market opportunities! See the newsletter announcement or product page for more details.