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With the rash of substation copper thefts increasing because of the price of precious metals and the heinous act of vandalism that occurred at the Metcalf transmission substation in California, Power Utility companies are rethinking physical security.

What used to be a considered a secure site (7’ chain link fence and three strands of barbwire), is now being faced by new threats within our society. If these acts of theft and vandalism are occurring, are these sites susceptible to other unforeseen threats? These threats give rise to thoughts and criticism about how well protected our power grid is from acts of terrorism.

During 2014, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ordered the North American Energy Reliability Corporation (NERC) to establish Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards. These standards are being designed to help protect critical components of our power grid, and will serve as the blueprint to assist Power Utility companies in adequately securing and protecting vulnerable utility assets.

Ameristar has established a team of Security Experts to aid and assist Power Utility companies in finding the best solution for each of their sites. We understand that each site will have unique challenges that will require a balance of active security components and physical security systems to meet the CIP requirements. Ameristar has developed a network of strategic partners to support each Electric Power Utility client with the necessary expertise in finding the best security solution for each site.

Ameristar Matrix High Security Modular Enclosures

Matrix - Mesh Solution

Matrix security fence is an expandable design, which allows the user to determine the level of visibility, delay and deterrence required for the site. The Matrix framework permits for the addition of integrated security peripherals i.e. anti-ram cabling, intrusion detection cabling, access control wiring, communication & video cables, conduits, etc… Ameristar has also performed multiple third party tests for forced entry, wind load and grounding to the meet the needs of the power utility industry. Click here to learn more about MATRIX by Ameristar.

Ameristar Matrix High Security Modular Enclosures

Impasse Solution

Traditional security fences of chain link or wire mesh are no longer enough to meet todays increased security demands. Ameristar’s Impasse II security fence offers the resistive strength of heavy-duty steel pales secured vertically to a framework of specially formed rails and I-beam posts. The stylish design of Impasse II, combined with its strength and security, provide a successful first line of defense. Since 2003, the Impasse product line has evolved to match the level of security required by its users. One of these variations include Impasse Anti-Scale which decreases the pale spacing to provide greater strength, decreased visibility and an increased level of security to would be intruders. Another variation is the addition of privacy screening, which provides a fully opaque wall, providing a strong deterrent to climbing and an almost impenetrable layer to attackers. Click here to learn more about Impasse II by Ameristar.

SAFETY Act certified

SAFETY Act Certified

Ameristar’s Impasse high security palisade fence and Stalwart anti-ram passive barrier product lines are SAFETY Act certified. SAFETY Act certification essentially eliminates liability that could arise out of a terrorist attack. To learn more about Ameristar’s SAFETY Act certified products click below to redirect to our SAFETY Act page.

Phil Barrett | Business Development Specialist - Power Utility

Ph 866.702.3192 | www.linkedin.com/in/philjbarrett

Phil Barrett is the Business Development Specialist for the Power Utility industry. Phil is responsible for channel development, customer relationships, and voice of customer to Product Management. Phil joined the Business Development team at Ameristar in June 2015.

Phil’s value to his clients comes from a solid foundation in fence and security products and his background in landscape architecture. He has a consultative relationship with his clients. From big issues to small concerns he is a problem solver and an Ameristar solutions expert. The safety and security of his clients’ facilities are his top priorities.

Phil practiced land planning and golf course architecture before joining Ameristar in 2007. He started in sales and quickly advanced to Project Manager where he spent five years assisting architects, landscape architects and engineers on product selection, construction details and specifications. Phil has worked with multiple power utility companies to develop physical security solutions for critical infrastructure.