AirportsHigh Security Fence Application

Airport Security Fencing

Ameristar products continue to be the first choice for protecting and beautifying the facilities and avenues that keep the United States moving. Due to Ameristar's extensive product offering, it's easy to find a fence system to fit any airport.

Preferred Choice: Impasse II

Preferred Choice Impasse Security Fence

High security fence has been redefined with the unique profiles of the Impasse II security fence system. Its steel cross sections and intimidating profile make this security fence a strong deterrent to intrusion. The multiple styles and rail configurations of the Impasse II high security fence give this palisade system the best delay time when compared to other perimeter security fence products.

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Anti-Ram Option: Stalwart IS

Stalwart IS Anti-Ram Security Fencing

The Stalwart IS (Impasse Security) system integrates the design elements of a high security fence with an anti-ram barrier. The Impasse framework provides a platform to incorporate various security peripherals required on high security perimeter designs. Intimidating design elements of the Impasse palisade security fence provide the best deterrent to intruders.

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A Lighter Alternative: Matrix

Matrix Enclosure Grid System

More than just a fence, the Matrix enclosure system has the ability to incorporate multiple architectural mesh fence fillers such as welded wire, woven wire, and expanded metal fence infill. Its modular design is popular among fence contractors because of its quick and painless installation. Matrix can be used for a variety of high security fence applications.

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Custom Heights & Rail Placement: Aegis II

Aegis II Custom Security Fencing

The Aegis II industrial steel fence panel consists of 1” x 14ga. pickets and a unique double wall rail that is 1 ¾” x 14ga. The ForeRunner rail design allows the Aegis II to be more flexible than typical decorative fences and the component design of the Aegis II high security fence makes it easy to fabricate custom fence heights and custom rail placements.

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