Stalwart Plus®Anti-Ram Fence and Architectural Mesh

Stalwart Plus Anti-Ram Barrier with Architectural Mesh

Strength and Choice

The Stalwart Plus system incorporates the option of several architectural mesh fence fillers with an anti-ram barrier. Architectural mesh fence fillers provide a variety of styles for meeting a customer's expectations for security and performance with the benefit of an anti-ram barrier. Stalwart Plus security fences use the same fence framework as the Impasse high security fence, giving it the ability to integrate multiple security components without a costly patchwork installation. Stalwart Plus is available with a vinyl coated chain link or galvanized chain link fence veneer. Ameristar’s trade name for the chain link fence version is the Stalwart Plus UpLink.


The unmatched design of the Stalwart Plus framework enables the perimeter barrier system to become a platform for multiple security accessories.

Ameristar offers multiple security fence solutions for its crash fence barriers see the Stalwart Plus Styles infopanel on the right for more options.