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Commercial Fencing for Schools

Finding a fence solution that will keep our children safe and protect the perimeters of our education facilities is an easy solution when using ornamental fence solutions by Ameristar.

Preferred Choice: Montage II

Montage II Steel Commercial Ornamental Fence

For projects for schools and universities, Montage II is the preferred choice among fence specifiers. The Montage II ornamental steel fence panel is made up of heavy 1” x 14ga. pickets & 1 ¾” x 12ga. rails that are welded using state-of-the-art fusion technology. Montage II industrial fencing has an E-coat maintenance free finish, recycled pre-galvanized steel and a 20 year warranty. Montage II keeps true to the old world look of wrought-iron fence with absolutely none of the expensive and regular maintenance demanded by old-fashioned wrought-iron.

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Welded Steel Option: Montage Industrial

Preferred Choice Montage Industrial Steel Fence

For the budget minded school fence project, the Montage Industrial ornamental steel fence is a lighter alternative to the heavy industrial fencing used for specified projects. Montage Industrial’s welded 1” picket, 1 ¾” rail of the fence panel and 2 1/2” posts provides this ornamental fence a robust security profile.

Montage Industrial ornamental fence is a great option when considering choices for securing a facility. Montage Industrial has that old-world look of wrought-iron fencing without the complicated maintenance issues associated with old fashioned wrought-iron fence. All Montage fence products are coated inside and out with the maintenance-free E-coat finish and feature a 20 year warranty.

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Welded Steel Option: Montage Commerical

Montage Commercial Steel Fence Panels

The number one alternative to chain-link fence, Montage Commercial decorative steel fences have redefined the commercial fence industry with strength that matches the level of security demanded, and styles that balance the distinctive look of wrought iron fence into a perimeter security fence system. In the past the fence industry defined commercial fencing as a chain link fence with 3 strands of barb wire, today Montage Commercial ornamental steel fences are the standard for security fencing.

Montage Commercial ornamental fences blend the strength of fusion weld technology and the dependable E-coat finish into a maintenance-free durable ornamental steel security fence. Montage Commercial ornamental steel fences were designed in 7’ and 8’ heights to meet the security demands of school projects.

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For Special Heights & Colors: Aegis II

Aegis II Montage Industrial Steel Fence

The Aegis II industrial steel fence panel consists of 1” x 14ga. pickets and a unique double wall rail that is 1 ¾” x 14ga. The ForeRunner rail design allows the Aegis II to be more flexible than typical decorative fences and the component design of the Aegis II high security fence makes it easy to fabricate custom fence heights and custom rail placements.

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For Special Heights & Colors: Aegis Plus

Aegis Plus Industrial Steel Fence

Aegis Plus commercial ornamental fencing can be customized to match rail spacing of any existing fence. The flexibility of the ForeRunner rail provides the Aegis Plus security fence the ability to place the rail at any location on the fence panel and the fence may be manufactured to any specified height or custom color for commercial projects. Aegis Plus ornamental steel fences are the perfect choice for a light commercial ornamental fence application that requires non-standard heights, rail spacing, and/or colors.

Aegis Plus fences have several attributes that make this fence product a leader among light commercial perimeter project types. The strength of the Aegis Plus ForeRunner double-wall rail is stronger than oridinary square ornamental profiles.

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Aluminum Option: Echelon II

Echelon II Aluminum Steel Commercial Fence

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing has been redefined with the introduction of the Echelon II industrial aluminum fence system. This industrial aluminum fence product is the strongest and most durable aluminum fence available on the market.

Echelon aluminum fence products are assembled with an internal picket to rail retaining rod, making this aluminum fence a more attractive alternative to the exposed screws or rivets on ordinary aluminum fences.

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Vonnie Kelley | Business Development Specialist - K-12 Schools

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Vonnie Kelley has been with Ameristar for nine years and is currently the Business Develop Specialist for schools. Her primary focus is to build awareness of Ameristar Perimeter Security products and to educate school officials of the importance of perimeter security in K-12 and University settings.

Prior to working for Ameristar Ms. Kelley was an Outbound Specialist for Hilti, Inc. where she maintained key customer relationships and increased the sales of small accounts.

With a previous construction background, she began her journey with Ameristar as a Sales & Service Specialist and quickly advanced to a Lead Development Specialist where she uncovered new project opportunities and provided sales leads to market developers. Her professionalism and ability to build relationships with customers has allowed her to create a host of raving fans along the way.

Vonnie earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK.